Colour 001

Self awareness:
Ja'vahre'ghannat'velhi'ghe'ma'rhi (before the tearing of the Colour)
Mhun'syr'nan'dhu and Nhu'snyr'nal'gho (after the tearing of the Colour)

Spherical geocentric system.

Heavenly bodies:
World - planet.
Lyuna - World's natural, crystal satellite.
Serapion - star.

Historical Images of the World:
The First Image – since the creation of the World, until the tearing of the Colour.
The Second Image – since the tearing of the Colour, until the annihilation of the first human race.
The Third Image – since the creation of the second human race.

Time units:
One Serapion – from Serapion's appearing to reappearing.
One Lyuna – from Lyuna's appearing to reappearing.
One Period – 40 Serapions / 72 Lyunas.
One Interval – 16 Periods.
'adjective' Serapion / Lyuna – one hundred Intervals, an epoch; its name is given to it depending on which of the heavenly bodies reigns in the sky at the begining of the first Interval of the new epoch and on their appearance, for example: Turquoise Lyuna, Rusty Serapion. The name of each epoch is determined by the scientist from the World's oldest observatory, Observatory of the Day and Night.
Image of the World – period of time which starts and ends with a global event that has a drastic impact on the shape of the Colour.

Calendar periods:
1. Anonha
2. Fyris
3. Ghemenya
4. Sharna
5. Luperna
6. Reshta
7. Sektra
8. Kilvya
9. Keewra
10. Merit
11. Bhitra
12. Sanctra
13. Helya
14. Dornah
15. Shikt
16. Fenrys

Unakhyt – time of awakening (Periods 1-4).
Fhuksyt – time of ripening (Periods 5-8).
Mhocait – time of harvest (Periods 9-12).
Larimhar – time of sleep (Periods 13-16).

– The light generated by the Serapion is slightly hued by a warm golden colour, which is why a pure white colour in the universe does not exist. Its closest colour counterpart is referred to as 'almost white'.
– The light generated by the Serapion provides the heat evenly over the entire World, so there are no areas permanently covered with ice on the planet.
– The World's axis is perfectly vertical, and the climatic periods occurring on the planet are caused by the pulse of the Serapion, which regularly generates more or less solar energy.
– Planet World, moon Lyuna and star Serapion are perfectly round.
– Planet World is still.
– The Serapion circulates around the World in a perfectly circular orbit.
– The Lyuna circulates around the World in a perfectly circular orbit.
– The Serapion and the Lyuna circulates around the World in opposite directions, which leads to frequent eclipses of the star.
– The Lyuna's surface is completely marked by deep craters, although asteroids etc. do not occur in the space.

Series representing this Colour:
Days like nights

Titles placed in this Colour:
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